A Premium oxygen
generating beauty device

Our Special O2ToDerm device that corrects hydrates and fight all sign of aging

Glass Facial

  • Produce 90% pure oxygen
  • Regenerates broken skin
  • Rejuvenates
  • Hydrates and fights all sign of aging.

Delux Glass Facial

It is all about the glass skin with our medical grade products and the advantage of LED therapy. Perfect for Hyperpigmentation, rejuvenation, collagen production, heals skin irritation and rosacea, kills acne causing bacteria.

What is O2toDerm Therapy?

Using highly concentrated oxygen and anion, the O2toDerm reduces reactive oxygen species (ROS), regenerates broken cells, boosts immunity, improves troubling skin problems, and rejuvenates tired skin.

Effects of Oxygen


O2 is an essential element that can regenerate broken cells and decomposes lactic acid. It is also known for enhancing your ability to remember and focus.

O2toDerm produces 90% pure Oxygen, as a result, it makes the skin’s respiration better, regenerates broken cells, rejuvenates the skin, and achieves anti-aging results. Oxygen is essential for cell regeneration. It accelerates collagen production and softens wrinkles. It also eliminates ROS, which is a primary source of skin aging. Lastly, it moisturizes skin and revitalizes skin tones by rebalancing pH.

LED Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy (640nm)

Improve wound healing

Collagen Production

Reduce stretch marks

Reduce wrinkles, fine lines and age spots

Improve facial texture

Improve psoriasis, rosacea and eczema

Improve scars

Yellow Light Therapy (590nm)

Refines pores

Increased Blood Flow to the skin

Alleviates UV radiation damage

Heals skin irritation and rosacea

Blue Light Therapy (470 nm)

Balances the skin pH

Prevents breakouts

Oxygenates the skin

Kills acne causing bacteria

Helps calm inflamed skin

Increases cell regeneration for healthy skin

Green Light Therapy (490nm)

Calms the skin with anti-inflammatory properties

Improves Hyperpigmentation

Stimulates nutrient uptake into the skin

Repairs sun damage

Improves sagging skin around the eyes

Minimizes sun spots